First Team is proud to introduce the latest in portable volleyball technology with the Horizon! The Horizon competition portable volleyball system is perfect for facilities where volleyball floor socket installation is difficult or impossible.

The Horizon portable base units transport and set up in minutes. Base units can easily be rolled away into a storage room and folded flat for compact storage. Stand posts upright and secure with locking pin for play. The built in anti-skid floor protector engages the floor automatically when post is lifted.

The low profile base design allows for excellent visibility for spectators and line of sight for officials. Each self-contained base has 700# built in ballast to allow bow-string tight net tension requiring absolutely no floor anchors, guy wires or tools. The safe, worm-gear driven net tensioner makes net tensioning a breeze. The Horizon is designed for quick and easy net height adjustments including junior, official men’s and women’s heights with just the turn of a knob. A built in net height indicator shows the height of the net. Horizon units include First Team’ top quality Kevlar net, antennas, rope covers, post and base padding which may be lettered at no charge. Order Horizon Complete ST package to include First Team’s premium SturdiStand padded judges stand.

Horizon Complete
Horizon Complete ST
Complete System described above
Same system as Horizon Complete
including Padded Judges Stand
Shipping Weight: 2500#
Shipping Weight: 2800#
Lifetime Superior Warranty
Lifetime Superior Warranty